General Hygiene and Housekeeping

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Infections can be reduced in workplaces with some basic hygiene and good housekeeping. Not only is it safer to have a clean and tidy workplace, but it also makes it a more pleasant place to work.

There are many different ways of keeping workplaces clean and these include:

  • Effective regular floor cleaning will keep floors clean and prevent build-ups up germs
  • Getting rid of rubbish, keeping bins sanitised and emptying bins before they are overflowing will ensure the lids close properly, keep waste inside the bin and reduce cross-contamination risks
  • Storing, handling and disposal of hazardous waste should be done correctly based on the risk posed
  • Sharps bins should be placed where needed and disposed of safely and not allowed to overflow
  • Sanitary bins should be kept clean and emptied correctly
  • Any food area should be managed in accordance with correct food safety standards and recommended.
  • There should be adequate handwashing facilities and the use hand sanitising gels will help stop the indirect transfer of germs from person to person

We cannot name all the ways of good housekeeping as these will depend on the business. You need to follow your workplace policies and procedures as these will be designed to the exact risks of where you work.

Finally, employees can help in the fight against infection by not only keeping themselves clean but also keeping washrooms, toilets and workstations clean and to report any problems to their employer or manager.