Infection Risks for Commercial Cleaners

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If you're a commercial cleaner and working in different businesses and homes cleaning, then you're going to come across all sorts of products that could potentially put you at risk from infection. If we are looking to start with where you are going into somebody's home, you do not quite know what you are gonna come across there, so, you need to make sure that everywhere that you visit, you will have a form of the risk assessment but also in your mind, you just keep doing risk assessments and check what you are doing and be observant. You don't quite know what is being used in that home. If you are doing a house clearance, then there could be just anything. It may well be there have been squatters in the house and there could be drugs and needles. Just be vigilant the whole time. Remember, always wear proper clothing, protective equipment, and if there is a risk of needlestick injuries, make sure you are wearing proper gloves to prevent these. Things like furniture, old sofas, these can be a problem.
If you are working in street clearing, you could come across all sorts of problems. Again, needle stick injuries are probably the biggest one, because you come across a needle, you pick some rubbish up, and then you could get punctured by that needle. And because the way needles are, the blood is held inside the needle, so it is quite easy for that to be injected into your body. Also, in your cleaning, you could come across condoms, you could come across blood-stained tissues and other things that are potentially a risk to you.
When you are going into businesses, again, you need to look at the risk assessments that have been drawn up by your company, or if you are responsible for drawing up risk assessments, you need to systematically look through the building and find out what could be a potential risk for you, both on health and safety grounds but also on infection control grounds. Now companies, you need to know what is there, you may have again, the same sort of risk within the toilets and within the waste paper baskets. And also you do not quite know what you're gonna come across. So having a basic idea of what that company does and what the risks are hopefully can keep you safe.
So finally, if you are working in the commercial cleaning world, then you need to make sure that you follow or create risk assessments to ensure you keep yourself safe. Use any personal protective equipment provided by your employer, and also, if you have got any questions or doubt, then talk to your employer to make sure that you keep yourself safe in the workplace at all times.