Infection Control Risks for Hotel Workers

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You may think that working in a hotel, you don't have any infection control risk, but this isn't the case. There are many ways in a hotel that you could potentially become infected or injure yourself. Let's start with looking through the average hotel room. You're approaching a hotel room and you got to do your general tasks within that hotel room. First thing will be the bin. Now, the bins themselves need to be emptied and maybe someone has put a sharp needle or a tissue covered in the blood into the bin. So you need to ensure that you empty that bin safely and cleanly. You don't want to get to a position where you've put your hands over the bin and you get stabbed by a sharp needle, for example, or you get some blood on to you. So be very careful and use gloves where needed.
Another area of potential risk is laundry. There could be body fluids, there could be blood, and you're pulling sheets down, and you, again, don't quite know what's in the bed. It may, again, there be something sharp in there, maybe broken glass, it might be needles.
Moving around to other areas, if you're doing more in-depth cleaning in a room, be careful of underneath beds. Maybe you haven't got the right shoes on, you could stab yourself on something.
In the bathroom, this is where you're more likely to come up with some other infection problems. Things like electric razors or razor blades, these could have blood on them. Around the sink, there could be blood. Around the toilets, there are obviously other infections you can get from there, from bacterial infections. So again, anywhere that you're working in these environments, make sure you always keep yourself aware of the environment. You make sure you wear the correct personal protective equipment, and if any doubt, then you can always ask your manager on the best way around of ensuring your safety in the hotel.
Outside the hotel room, then there are still more problems that you could come across. The public toilet, this can be an area where you can come across potential infection risks or needles or blood. Outside, it may well be that there's broken glass with blood on or needles or any other objects might be thrown out the window of a hotel and it's in the garden or just in the car park.
The final area could be that you're a first aider in the work. So again, you need to be careful if you're dealing with any first aid emergency and make sure that any material that's used or dressings are disposed of in the correct way.
So finally, just make sure that you always understand what the workplace policies and procedures are where you work, and if any doubts, ask your manager.