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Cleaning a Bed and Mattress

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Disinfecting care beds and mattresses lowers the risk of infection, and all parts should be cleaned including the bed wheels and underneath of the mattress. There are some cases in which an enhanced clean should be taken, which involves cleaning at least twice a day. These would include: during or after an outbreak or rise in infection, when a patient with a known infection is moved from the bed whether that is due to transfer, discharge or death, and after a serious bodily fluid contamination.

All beds must be inspected daily, checked for any signs of soiling or fluid contamination. Should any of these be discovered, then a clean must take place, as well as in between patients using the same bed. Whilst ideally the bed should be cleaned when the patient is not in it, this is not always practical. Should cleaning be necessary whilst the patient is occupying the bed, you should constantly explain to them what you are doing so they do not become confused or anxious. It is recommended to clean beds and mattress at the very least on a weekly basis should no other cleaning take place.

The procedure of cleaning a bed is as follows:

Wash your hands thoroughly, and put on your PPE including gloves and an apron.

Prepare the cleaning materials you will be using to clean the bed.

Adjust the bed height to a suitable working level, and clear the space both in and around the bed to allow for safe and easy working.

Remove the existing bedding and place it in the correct bag.

Using the correct cleaning materials, in this example suitable disinfectant wipes, clean the bed and mattress from top to bottom working downwards. Ensuring that all edges and covered sections are thoroughly cleaned.

When cleaning the mattress, use an "S" shaped motion to allow for full coverage.

Make sure that you use new wipes regularly.

Once one side is clean, flip the mattress over and clean the other side, ensuring that both sides and ends of the mattress are also cleaned. If the entire bed needs to be cleaned, work from top to bottom, ensuring the whole bed has been cleaned, and do not forget to clean the remote control unit, as this too is an infection risk.

Allow the mattress to dry, and then return the bed to its original position. Safely dispose of used cleaning equipment, and clean and dry other apparatus.

Remove the PPE and wash your hands again.

Finally, make sure that you record what cleaning has taken place in the correct documentation.