Infection Control for Healthcare Level 2 (VTQ)

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Using gloves

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Optimizing Safety in Emergency First Aid: Infection Control Measures

Apprehensions regarding infections can often inhibit individuals from administering emergency first aid. Understanding and implementing effective barrier methods, such as gloves and face shields, is crucial for safeguarding both the first aider and the patient.

Introduction of BSi HSE First Aid Kits in Workplaces

Recent changes in workplace health and safety standards have led to the incorporation of more protective gloves and face shields in BSi HSE first aid kits, enhancing infection control measures.

Effective Use of Gloves in Emergency Situations

  • Glove Boxes: A practical solution for workplaces with frequent glove usage or higher requirements.
  • Alternative Barrier Methods: In the absence of gloves, alternative barriers like sealed plastic bags can be utilized for protection.

Disposal of Gloves and Infected Materials

Specific workplaces may have unique regulations for the disposal of gloves and other potentially infected materials. It is imperative to be acquainted with and follow these local guidelines to ensure safety and compliance.

By staying informed about the correct use and disposal of protective barriers in first aid situations, individuals can confidently provide necessary aid while minimizing the risk of infection.