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Infection Control Kit

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On the market, there are different ways of protecting yourself. And what we are going to look at now is an infection control kit. Now, this kit can be used in the workplace or sort of thing that maybe you have at home or you take away on holiday with you. So what I'll do is look at some of the individual components in different ways and products that you can use to actually protect yourself. So within this kit itself, it's got everything inside the bag. But each one of these components you could buy separately or maybe you got in the workplace. And the first one we are going to look at is hand gel. Now hand gel is great because if you haven't got access to any water, you can always use this. At least it's going to get your hands that bit cleaner. You can also use hand gel after you've been using gloves or after any other action, you're doing. We've got a separate video on how to actually use the hand gel. But having in this small container is very easy then to carry around with you. Other things are gloves. Now gloves are something that you want to carry with you at all times and inside this kit is a pair of gloves. And the standard on these gloves is that they are a large size and so if you have got very small hands or very large hands then you may want to change the size. However, remember, if you put a small pair of gloves in here, then they'll only be able to be used by somebody with small, a larger pair of gloves could be pretty much used by anybody.

Other things inside this kit are disinfectant wipes. Now, these can be used for clearing surfaces, wiping things down or any other items. Now hand wipes like these are not that good on cleaning your hands but maybe they're better than nothing in some instances. In some workplaces, these aren't permitted but with the wipes themselves, if you're using them, then you must dispose of them correctly like all of the stuff here. So within this kit, it's got a bio-hazard bag. And the bio-hazard bag itself is where you can put everything that you've used or any potentially infectious material. Now, this potentially infectious material could be including things that where tissues have been used, maybe in first aid, example or if there's any possibility of infection due to any other virus or bacteria or maybe someone's just got a runny nose or something like that. So tissues are inside here and these come in different sizes and shapes, but it's nice, easy pack to carry.

Another thing here is a face mask. Now in most cases, you're not going to need to use a face mask, but if it's a higher risk environment or if there's a possibility of infection coming through as an airborne mist or maybe dust, then having some kind of face protection can be a very, very good idea. These are quite straightforward and they go over your face, they got a one-way valve on the front there. They seal fairly well and on the front, there is a piece of metal, actually makes it shape to your nose. And then you can stretch this around to your back of your head and it should stay in place. It's pretty much one size fits all. They're not strictly speaking an infection control item, could be this is the final one, this inside this kit. If you knew someone's temperature then you may well know that they are a potential infection risk. So in this particular kit here, it does come with a basic digital thermometer. You can then just check someone's temperature and if they have got an elevated temperature, then that may well indicate that there is a potential hazard risk. Now, all of the items here are just really what's on this particular kit here and there are lots of different types of kits available. But all of these are very good ways of reducing your risk against infection whether in the workplace or out of work or at home.