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Sharps clean up kits

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What we are going to do now is look at a Sharps Clean-Up Kit. Now, this is a boxed unit, it's one that we sell. Now, you can also have the individual components. So if you do not want to have the actual kit complete, you can have components. But it's always a good idea to keep this in one place so if there's an area that you need to clean up, any sharps, then this is really what this kit does. The problem with Sharps is you cannot just pick it up with fingers or even a left hand, you need to be able to dispose of needles safely. So if you have got needles around outside your offices or home and you need to clean them up, this is the type of thing.

So inside the kit, it's just a simple click, open it up, and there are lots of things. So to start with, there's a few pairs of gloves. Gloves are vital if you are handling anything. So roaming you need to put the gloves on correctly and also remove them correctly so they turn inside out and then dispose of them correctly.

Also in the kit is a box to actually put the needles in. So what this is, is a lockbox, the top just flips up. You can put the needles into the kit, keep it nice and safe and then just close that off and then dispose of that correctly.

Also in here are some tweezers. So you can use those to pick up anything that is on the floor. So example, a needle on the floor, or it could be in the workplace. The same, these could be very great for drug use, but it could also be within the workplace should they dropped it for whatever reasons in the medical setting. So the tweezers are there as well so you do not have to do gloved hand, use a tweezer to pick up the needle and then pop it into the pot. Be really careful when you are doing that because if you are trying to push something in there and you are holding this in your hand, you do not want to accidentally spike the needle through your hand. So you need to be very careful to secure it and actually be able to pop it in. But it is very simple to go, it just literally goes into that hole.

Also in here are some wipes. The wipes are just used, again, to clean up areas, where there should not be any blood or any bodily fluids there, you can clean them up safely.

And the final thing in the kit are some waste bags. So these are small waste bags. Now, you would want to put sharps in these, but they could be used for putting your gloves in, or if you have used the wipes, you know you could clean up an area, you can put those in here. And then on the back, it's just a self-seal strip. So you just peel off the backing, fold it down, and then all the stuff is in there safe and it is clearly identified.

So once you have cleaned something up, you then need to dispose of the bag and you need to dispose of with the plastic pot and then you are going to need to restock this kit. So with us, you can buy any of these components individually, or sometimes it is easier just to buy another kit, especially if you have ended up getting this kit quite dirty while you have been using it.